It Takes Time…A Patient’s Perspective

If you looked at Michelle, you wouldn’t know that something was wrong. On the outside, she appeared to be a fit, young mother of two who loved playing with her children at the park, running with them in their backyard and taking long walks together as a family. Yet, on the inside, Michelle was living with chronic pain that at best was uncomfortable and at worst, unbearable.

It all began a little over a year ago with an odd tingling sensation and numbness in her left leg and arm and a general sense of being “off”. Over time the feelings intensified and became incredibly painful. As the pain increased, her ability to live an active lifestyle decreased exponentially.
Michelle sought treatment from a wide variety of sources: her family doctor, a neurologist, a rheumatologist and three (non-upper cervical) chiropractors. Her body was subjected to a battery of tests including: extensive blood work, MRIs and x-rays. After reviewing her results, her family physician not-so-delicately suggested that it might be her “nerves.” But, Michelle knew something was wrong.

Luckily, Michelle is a member of a group that invited Dr. Danielle Gray to share her experience as an upper cervical chiropractor. During her presentation, Dr. Gray shared that her path to her profession started first with her as a patient. Intrigued by Danielle’s story, Michelle booked an appointment. “At this point I felt like I had nothing to lose,” she shared.

Dr. Gray was not the first chiropractor who Michelle had seen, but she was the first upper cervical specialist. At her first appointment her expectations were low. She expected the usual awkward routine of putting on a gown in a sterile environment. Right off the bat, Michelle’s experience was different. “The entire experience was very relaxed. Dr. Gray has an incredible bedside manner. She explained everything very well, in terms that made sense and helped me understand what might be the cause of my pain. It was a relief to feel understood and that there was a solution.”

It was the science behind upper cervical chiropractic care that really resonated with Michelle. “Focusing on the neck made sense to me – it blew my mind – basically, the other doctors were just confusing my body by treating the symptoms and not the cause of the pain!”

Michelle started seeing Dr. Gray in late November and approximately a month later, she was symptom free for several days. Her elation quickly turned to disappointment when her symptoms returned. “They came back and were even worse! Dr. Gray had warned me that this would happen, but it was still distressing.” What Michelle was experiencing was actually her body’s healing process and the reactivation of her nervous system. Michelle was skeptical, but trusted Dr. Gray and waited patiently. And, after approximately three weeks the pain slowly abated and Michelle began to reclaim her life.

The healing process can be slow – it can take anywhere from three months to a year for a patient to be symptom free, but the results are miraculous. Just ask Michelle, who now has her life back.

When asked ‘what is the most important thing you would share with a new patient’, Michelle replied, “make sure you give this process time. Personally, I was really skeptical. I had already spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with me and was incredibly scared that I wouldn’t find an answer. Dr. Gray’s honest and genuine demeanor (backed by the science of upper cervical care) gave me the courage to embark on yet another course of treatment. It scares me to think where I’d be without her – I am incredibly grateful.”happy lady