There Are No Accidents

Hi, my name is Danielle Gray and I am an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. 10 years ago, I never would have thought that would be an introduction that I would use. For many years I was happily employed as a software consultant living all over the world.  I’m an active outdoorsy person and eventually settled in San Diego, CA. Taking advantage of the climate, I spent a lot of time surfing, skiing and playing golf. That part of my lifestyle abruptly came to an end when I was surfing. I took a big wave and fell off my surf board.  The point of the board hit me in the small of my back and knocked the feeling out of my legs. I had trouble getting out of the water. While the sensation in my legs returned relatively quickly, within a few days I started to experience a disturbing numbness and tingling in my left pinky that rapidly progressed along the entire left side of my body. Intense neck pain and frequent headaches soon followed. Continue reading